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Safron Vigourman Gel

Vigourman gel is a natural specialty product. When topically applied, it helps most men with erectile dysfunction. In addition to helping erection to last throughout sexual intercourse, it also delays climax while maintaining sensitivity. If a user applies the gel twice daily and follows the directions religiously for 6 months, he can expect his penis to grow by up to 30% lengthwise. Hence, it is suitable for men of any age who wish to enhance their sexual abilities.

Vigourman gel is made with Butea Superba and L-Arginine. Butea Superba natural extracts is obtained from the roots of the Butea Superba, a herbal plant indigenous to Thailand. Known in Thai as Kwao Kreur Daeng, the quality of Butea Superba has been employed in the traditional medicine for well over a century.

Regarding the effectiveness of Vigourman gel, for some it works from the very first time, while others achieve better erections and feel more responsive and active after one week of application. It depends on your general health conditions, mental state at the time of application and whether you have followed the directions. The mens gel can be applied prior to intercourse.
When applied on a frequent basis, it will help even more to induce erection more frequently.

Benefits of this natural aphrodisiac :
Helps to overcome sexual dysfunction naturally
Boosts sexual desire and performance
Spontaneous, harder and maximum feel
Increases penile strength, prolong erection and post-ejaculation erection
Helps to enlarge penis lengthwise by up to 30% naturally within 6 months
Helps to delay climax
Pure ingredients, hormone free & no side effect

Note : This product is for men only. It should not be taken or used by children, women, those with high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) or prostate cancer. If you suffer from any disease please consult your physician before using these products.

Safron Fairlady Gel

Fairlady Gel is an exciting new gel that can enhance sexual pleasure. Its effects are subtle and natural feeling, yet sexual sensitivity is profoundly increased. Fairlady gel is for women of every age and level of sexual satisfaction, and for each woman, it can enable higher levels of sexual responsiveness.

Fairlady gel is an all natural proprietary blend of nutrients synergistically blended to naturally stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs. This magical combination increase targeted blood flow, unleashes natural stimulators for maximum stimulation, triggering pleasure responses quickly.

Fairlady gel is absolutely safe, non-hormonal topical gel and will not cause any side effects. Its primary ingredient is an essential amino acid called L-Arginine. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and occur naturally in our bodies. The discovery of L-Arginine won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. L-Arginine is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. However whenever there are questions, your physician is the best source of advice.

Finally, women have the opportunity to enhance intimate moments with greater intensity and pleasure. Feel and experience the intense and exhilarating difference!

Benefits of this natural aphrodisiac :
Spontaneous, stronger, longer and more frequent orgasms
Increases vaginal lubrication
Enhances sex drive
Pure ingredients
Guaranteed potency
Greater Sensitivity
Hormone free & no side effect
Restore tissue to youthfulness



Safron Sweetlady Gel


The Safron Sweetlady Gel should satisfy every woman who has the eternal passion to fulfill the desires of men and rekindle the sweet moments of the memorable first night.


The Sweetlady Gel comes in a fruit flavour and its main active ingredient is the extract of Allepo oak galls. When it is applied to the vagina, the tissue readily absorbs the tannins and tannic acid in the oak gall extract, which helps to firm and tighten the vaginal wall. This also causes the absorption of excessive mucus and vaginal discharge, further engorging the walls of the vagina. Users are also likely to experience a certain degree of stimulation after application. These effects have been studied by a well-known sex expert in Malaysia, and conclusively proven in clinical studies involving women volunteers. All of them reported significant tightening of the vagina after applying the gel and increased satisfaction among the partners. It is suitable for women who have natural childbirth and the desire to re-experience her first-love every time.


With regular use, the Sweetlady Gel guarantees to satisfy a womans need by continuously enhancing her femininity and sensual pleasure. The modern woman will be exceptionally pleased with its subtle exotic effects in heightening the senses and increasing pleasure during the energy demanding moments.


Benefits of this natural vagina tightener :

                Increases sexual pleasure for both partners

                Increases vaginal lubrication

                Pure ingredients, hormone free & no side effect

                Guaranteed potency

                Restore tissue to youthfulness



Not suitable for fertility, pregnancy, during menstruation skin allergy or sensitive skin. Condom is permissible during the consumption.




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